United Kingdom VISA

Visa for United Kingdom

UK Visa for Indians-

Indian nationals must apply for a standard visitor visa if they want to travel to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Applying for this visa online should be done at least three months before your intended trip to the UK. Indian nationals are permitted to travel to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with a UK visiting visa.

UK Visit Visa Information-

A Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) appointment is required to submit your paperwork for the online UK visit visa. The complete process should take three to four weeks. You are permitted to stay in the UK for up to six months after the visa is approved.

Who Can Apply for UK Visa-

Indian nationals must apply for a visa to the UK in order to enter or exit the country. A UK visa applicant must be older than 18 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to apply for a minor visa. Before leaving for the UK, you must purchase travel insurance that will shield you from unforeseen difficulties. Indian nationals who want to travel to the UK must apply for a visa three months in advance. This waiting period applies to all forms of UK visas, including family visas, employment, study, and visit visas.

Types of UK Visa :

  • UK Visitor Visa: With this type of visa, a non-British individual may travel through, transit, and enter the UK. People travelling to the UK for pleasure, business, medical treatment, reunions with family and friends, participation in sports, or other cultural activities are eligible to apply for this visa.
  • UK Transit Visa: A foreigner may pass through the international transit lanes of UK airports with a UK Transit Visa. This visa comes in two varieties: the UK Direct Airside Transit Visa and the Visitor in Transit Visa (DATV).
  • UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa: Foreign nationals who have been invited by a UK-based organisation or client due to their competence in a particular field are eligible for this type of visa. A UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa is required for those who want to travel independently to the UK to work for pay.
  • UK Study Visa:A non-British person can apply for a UK Study Visa if they desire to study in the UK. This student visa for the UK is open to both children and adults who wish to pursue short- or long-term studies at a UK institution. Students can use this visa to conduct research for their academic requirements.
  • UK Child Student Visa:Anyone under the age of 18 who wants to enrol in a school or other educational institution in the UK must apply for a UK Study Visa. If the applicant is a minor between the ages of 4 and 17, they may apply for this visa. Under certain conditions, the holders of these visas are also permitted to work full- or part-time. The length of a UK student visa for children may be extended.
  • UK Short-term Study Visa:People who want to enrol in short-term study programmes in the UK, such as language or training courses, can apply for this visa. Those holding a short-term study visa for the UK may do research as part of their education. For this visa, you must be at least 16 years old. Typically, this type of UK visa has a six-month validity period. However, if you’re enrolled in an English language course, it can be provided for 11 months.
  • UK General Student Visa:If they wish to enrol in a lengthy graduate or postgraduate degree at a UK institution of higher learning, foreigners may apply for this sort of visa. Candidates must be at least 16 years old and have a strong command of the English language in order to be considered for this visa. If the student’s course of study is expected to last more than six months, this Tier 4 visa may also be extended.
  • UK Work Visa: A non-British national may enter the UK with this sort of visa in order to work for an organisation. Applicants must have a minimum of 945 pounds in their bank accounts for up to 90 days prior to applying for this visa. To obtain a UK Work Visa, Indian applicants must also pay a healthcare cost. Dependent family members of a worker may apply for this kind of visa so long as each one has at least 630 pounds in their possession at the time of application. 
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