Features Of Canada Visa

Available for both single-trip and multiple trips.
No visa fee for obtaining a Transit Visa.
Faster processing of study permit for Indian applicants.

What is Canada Visa?

An formal authorization to cross the Canadian border is known as a Canada visa. It is a legal document that allows the bearer to enter and remain in Canada for a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, it permits the holder to pass through land borders or international transact zones of Canadian airports. The embassies and consulates in the traveler’s country of residence are responsible for issuing visas for entry to Canada.

According to Canadian law, Indian students who apply through the Student Direct Stream will receive a study visa for Canada more quickly.

Different types of visitors come to Canada for various reasons. Some people could travel to Canada to study, while others would do so for business or just to see this stunning nation. Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Canada may choose from five different types of visas based on their specific travel objectives. A Canada visa should be chosen by each passenger based on their itinerary. Regardless of the sort of Canada visa you apply for, you can purchase travel insurance for your trip there. Look at the five distinct categories of Canada visas:

-Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa
-Study Permit/ Canada Student Visa
-Work Permit/ Canada Work Visa
-Super Visa
-Transit Visa

Validity For Different Types of Canada Visa-

Canada Visa TypesVisa Validity
Temporary Resident Visa/Visitor Visa6 months
Transit VisaUp to 48 hours
Super VisaUp to 2 years
Study VisaDuration of course + 90 days
Work Permit VisaDepends on the job and its duration

Frequenty Asked Questions-

Do I need visa to go to Canada?

To enter Canada, all Indian citizens need a visa. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you can select a transit visa, super visa, study visa, or visitor visa for Canada.

Does Canada visa processing time include weekends?

Yes. All weekends and any interstitial holidays are included in the processing period for a Canada visa.

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